On November 21, 2013, on a rainy evening, a group of people came to Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the main square in the middle of Kyiv, after the government's decision not to pursue the signing of the Agreement on the Association of Ukraine with the EU.

From that day until the very end in February 2014, I’ve experienced great hope and great grief for the gentle power of Ukrainian people, a critical number of whom have awakened from their sweet slumber in the routine of everyday life and private problems to the needs and goals which united so many with a dream of living a better life. And I wanted to document what I’ve seen because I felt it would be important for my country’s history.

The Revolution of Dignity sculpted the very first critical changes in forming the Ukrainian nation after the post-Soviet slumber and after being in Russia’s shadow. It also has set in motion historic events worldwide that still unfold to this very day. The unprovoked russian war started in 2014, a few days after the end of the Ukrainian Revolution with the military annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula Crimea and the Ukrainian Donbas region. This war still rages on with power unseen since WWII, after russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Awakened by the revolution and their conscious choice of European Values Ukrainians still stand high.
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