Right after the Revolution of Dignity, in March 2014 Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea was attacked by unidentified soldiers who organized unrest and started the process of annexation of Crimea. Later president vladimir putin admitted they were russian soldiers.
After that russia influenced the unrest and further establishment of russian proxy authority in Ukraine’s eastern region Donbas. Ukraine right after the successful revolution had an emergency government and weak army, but still tried to fight russian proxies and regain control over Ukraine’s occupied territory. Officially it was called an anti-terrorist operation (ATO). But men and women near the frontline called it as it was - war, facing the harsh truth of living on the edge and witnessing the duality of everyday normal life and brutality of death and misery.
On February 24, 2022, russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine marking the next phase
It continues to this day.
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